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Fayette Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
2024- 2025 Auditions

Participation in the 2024 - 2025 Fayette Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is competitive and based on the successful completion of a placement audition.

Auditions are virtual this year.  Students will add a video link on the registration form and pay the $25 application fee by August 31.

Audition Fee:  $25 dollars per student. Note: This fee only covers audition costs. There is an additional $170 fee for students participating in the Fayette Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

Registration:  In order to register for an audition, please click on the Register Here button on the home page.

If you are a high school student, you likely have advanced music skills & experience.  You may wish to audition for the Symphonic Orchestra.  However, if you don’t qualify for the Symphonic Orchestra based on your audition, you may qualify for the Sinfonia orchestra. 

**All Auditions should include a scale & audition piece.**

Scale: All Instruments & Levels

Intermediate Orchestra Audition Pieces:

   Viola ♩=108                Bass ♩= 112                     Violin ♩= 108                Cello ♩= 90

Advanced Orchestra Audition Pieces:

  Viola ♩= 68                     Bass ♩= 156                      Violin ♩= 68                  Cello dotted♩= 72

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