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Dear Parents and Students:


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Fayette Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.   The Fayette Philharmonic is a community based string orchestra that is committed to providing talented young musicians the opportunity to expand their musical training and create a lifelong partnership with the arts. It is our belief that the value of providing our youth with creative outlets cannot be overstated; a youth orchestra will not only develop good musicians, but also create good citizens. The FPYO will provide the proper setting for young musicians to develop socially and affords each musician the criteria to practice and perfect life skills, as well as master musical skills.  It is our hope that we will have enough students this year to have two orchestras. The Sinfonia Youth Orchestra would act as a preparatory orchestra for the Symphonic Youth Orchestra.  Membership in both orchestras is based on an audition process which includes scales, arpeggios, and excerpts. Based on these audition results, it may only be possible to support one Orchestra. 


AUDITIONS: Audition fees are $25 and are virtual this year. Students will make payments and submit an audition video on the Auditions page of the FPYO website no later than August 31, 2024.


REHEARSALS: Rehearsals will be at Christ our Shepherd Lutheran Church in Peachtree City, on Monday evenings beginning September 9th.  Rehearsal time to be determined. There will be a short parent’s meeting at the first rehearsal.


PARTICIPATION FEES:  If selected to perform with the Fayette Philharmonic Youth Orchestras there will be a participation fee of $170.  This fee will be due at the first rehearsal.


UNIFORMS:  Ladies may wear a black, floor length gown with sleeves, or long black skirt or black dress slacks with black dress top with sleeves. Pants or skirts must be ankle length when seated. Black dress shoes are required. Gentlemen will need black pants, white tuxedo shirt, black jacket and black bow tie.


CONCERTS:  Fall concert is scheduled for Tuesday November 19th and Spring concert is scheduled for Tuesday April 1st.  Dress Rehearsal will take place the night before the concert. 


COMMITMENT: Students will be given a copy of the rehearsal/performance schedule at the first rehearsal.  Students will be allowed to miss up to two rehearsals per concert but missing more than the stated number of rehearsals or needing to miss a mandatory rehearsal requires advanced permission. Failure to receive permission may result in not being allowed to perform with the orchestra nor any refund of participation fees.  Please note that participation in the Fayette Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, is a yearlong commitment and if selected to perform with the orchestra students will commit to the entire year.  Please consider this commitment before auditioning for the orchestra. 


We are truly excited about the Fayette Philharmonic Youth Orchestras and hope you will be inspired to become a member of this group. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

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